Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Ava f. Germanic avi, of uncertain meaning.

The name of a 9th C Frankish saint.

1050 Ava (nom) CRS-2-5 p. 232
1381 Avelina (nom) FenPT-2 p. 11, Suffolk1381 p. 119; 1555 Avelen (nom) StMartF p. 58
Early Modern English
1584 Avelin BUmar-vol2 p. 117; 1599 Avelin ibid. p. 118, Avelyn BUmar-vol1 p. 27
1138x1162 Avelina (abl) clairvaux-12thc 63; 1147 Avelina (nom) ibid. 18; 1179 Avelina (nom) ibid. 176; 1225 Avelina (nom) NDParisII 2-LXXXIX, Avelinam (acc) ibid. 2-LXXXIX; 1236 Avelina (nom) CartNDdOurscamp L, Avelinam (acc) ibid. L; 1256 Avelina (nom) NDParisII 1-XXI; 1258 Avelina (nom) ArrestReg-volI XIX, BMV; 1263 Avelina (nom) NDParisII 1-I; 1267 Avelina (nom) ibid. 2-XXVII, Avelinam (acc) ibid. 2-XXI; 1270 Avelina (nom) ibid. 2-XLI, Aveline (gen) ibid. 2-XLI; 1280x1281 Avelota (abl) ibid. 2-CXV, Avelote (gen) ibid. 2-CXV, Avelotum (acc) ibid. 2-CXV; 1292 Aveline (abl) HistHdVParis p. 116
Old French
1296 Aveline paris1296 p. 9; 1313 Aveline Paris1313 p. 64
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