Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources



This site is HTML5 styled with CSS3. The static portions are produced from Jinja templates. The pages of the current version of the Dictionary are generated from an SQLite database served using Flask, a Python microframework. The typeface used throughout is Georg Duffner's excellent EB Garamond, with the glyphs it lacks (e.g., the Gothic alphabet and marks such as COMBINING LATIN SMALL LETTER E) supplied by GNU FreeFont and the inspiration to make the site book-like supplied by Don Knuth's TeX typesetting suite.


Entries, citations, and bibliographic records in the Dictionary are stored as XML, one record per file, in a Git repository and checked against XSD schemata to ensure well-formedness. Data entry is done chiefly through a web-based editor, also served by Flask.

The database is generated using a combination of Python and shell scripts, XSLT, and a small C++ library and Bison grammar (for date parsing).

All code was written using Vim on Fedora Linux.