Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources
Archaeologia Cambrensis: A Record of the Antiquities of Wales and its Marches, and the Journal of the Cambrian Archaelogical Association, volume III. London: W. Pickering, 1847.
Adam Adda Adda Adda Alinor Alsoñ Aron Aron Aron Benet Benoit Bledyn Blethen Blethin Caducano Cadwgan Dackin Dafydd Dauid David David David David David David David Decus Deicus Deycus Deyo Dicus Dicus Dicus Dicws Dio Dio Dio Dio Dio Dio Edward Edwardi Elys Evan Evens Giles Guyllym Gweirvyll Gwen Gwen Gwenllian Gwilim Gwilim Gwilim Gwilim Gwilim Gwyllym Gwyn Gwyn Halkyn Henrici Henrici Henrici Henrico Henricum Hopkin Howel Howel Howel Howell Howell Howell Howell Howell Howell Howell Howellus Hugh Hugonis Hwlkyn Hwlkyn Ieuan Ieuan Ieuan Itello Ithel Ithel Ithel Itheli Ithell Ithell Ithil Jak Jak Jaket Jankyn Janyn Jehan Jehanne Jenkin Jenkin Jenkyn Jervisia Jeuan Jeuan Jeuan Jeuan Jevan Jevan Johannem Johannes Johannes Johannis John John John John John Kaducani Katerine Lleuki Llewellyn Llewelyn Llewelyn Llewelyn Llewelyn Llewelyn Llewelyn Llowargh Llowargh Llowargh Looye Madoc Madoc Madoc Madoc Madoc Madoc Madoco Madocus Madogyn Madogyn Madyn Maredut Mereddith Meredith Meredith Meredith Meredith Meredith Meredydd Meuric Meurig Meurig Meurig Morgan Morgaunt Nicklas Niclas Owain Owen Owen Owen Owyn Philippi Philippo Phylip Pierre Plethyn Rees Resi Ricardus Richard Richard Roberti Robertum Robertus Rodri Rogerus Rys Rys Rys Rys Rys Rys Siamkin Tewdor Thoma Thoma Thoma Thomas Thomas Thome Tudor Tudur Tudur Tudur Tudur Tudur Vivian Vivian Vivion Ynyr Ynyr Ynyr Ynyr Ynyr Ynyr Ysabel Yssabel Yvone alexandri lewelyno madoci morgant