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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Hawise f. Old High German hadu 'battle' + Old High German wīt, Old Saxon wīd 'wide' or Old Saxon widu, wido, Old High German witu 'wood'.

1189 Hawis (nom) GASurv p. 107; 1222 Hawesia (nom) StPaulDom p. 54; 1256 Hawisia (nom) EARNb p. 2, Hawisiæ (dat) ibid. p. 3, Hawysiam (acc) ibid. p. 3; 1319 Hauwisie (dat) PSS-CXIV 5a; 1340xc1450 Hawisia (nom) CovGuild-1 p. 14, Hawysia (nom) ibid. p. 66, Hawysie (nom) ibid. p. 23; 1379 Hawysia (nom) WRYPT1 p. 7, Hewysia (nom) ibid. p. 18, Howisia (nom) ibid. p. 18
Early Modern English
1553 Hawesse RegIng p. 4
c823 Hauis (nom) irminon-vol2 94, Ved; 1138 Havidis (gen) CartNDdOurscamp LXXXIX; 1270 Havouysis (nom) NDParisII 2-XLI; 1301 Hauwidis (gen) MemPic-vol17 p. 245, Havidis (gen) ibid. p. 261, Hawis (gen) ibid. p. 248
Old French
1296 Haoÿs paris1296 p. 53; 1313 Haouys Paris1313 p. 118, Haoys ibid. p. 93
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