Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Natale m. Latin natalis 'natal, of birth'.

The name was often given to people born near the dies natalis, i.e., Christmas. See also Noel.

700 Nadale (abl) DCEL-2 XIV; 780 Natalis (nom) CartNoaille I; a1116 Natalis (nom) CartStPC XX; c1140 Natalis (nom) CartNDdOurscamp XCVIII; 1243 Natalis (nom) NDParisII 2-LXXXVII; 1268 Natalis (nom) ibid. 2-V; 1269 Natalis (nom) ibid. 2-III; 1378 Natali (dat) hanquetvol1 1555, Nathali (dat) ibid. 1051
1491 Nadal (nom) carbonell-I p. 54
1510 Nadal valencia1510 1879
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