Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources
G.P. Cuttino with the collaboration of J.-P. Trabut-Cussac, editor. Gascon Register A (series of 1318-1319), edited from British Museum Cottonian MS. Julius E.i. London: Oxford University Press for the British Academy, 1975-76.
Alayda Alays Andreas Andreas Andricus Armandi Armandus Armandus Arnaldi Arnaldus Arnaldus Arnaldus Arnaldus Augerii Augerius Beatrisis Bera Bernarda Bernardi Bernardus Bernardus Bernardus Bernardus Bertram Bertranae Bertranda Bertrandi Bertrandus Bertrandus Bertrandus Bertrandus Bitalis Bona Dominicus Dominicus Durandus Durandus Elyas Ernaldi Ernaldus Ernaud Gailhardus Galbertus Galhard Galharda Galhardus Galhardus Garcionis Garcius Garssias Gaubertus Gaucelmus Gaucelmus Geraldi Geraldus Geraldus Geraldus Gerardi Giralda Giralda Giraldus Giraldus Girardi Gracia Gualhardus Gualhardus Guallardus Guilelmus Guillelma Guillelma Guillelmi Guillelmus Guillelmus Guillelmus Guillelmus Guiraldus Guitardi Guitardus Helias Johannes Johannes Johannes Johannes Jordani Jordanus Maria Maria Martina Otho Otho Otho Otho Pelegrina Petri Petrus Petrus Petrus Petrus Ramundi Ramundus Ramundus Ramundus Raymundus Raymundus Raymundus Robertus Robertus Robertus Rossa Sancius Sancius Sanzii Seguinus Seguinus Sibilla Spania Stephani Stephanus Stephanus Vernardetus Villelmi Vitalis Vitalis Vitalis Vitalis Vitalis Yspania