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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources
Surrey Musters (Taken from the Losely MSS.), volume III of Surrey Record Society. Roworth & Co. Limited, 1919.
Abell Abell Abraham Absalon Absolon Absylon Adam Adam Adam Adryan Agnes Alberte Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexaunder Allen Allen Allexander Allexander Allyn Alys Ambros Ambrose Andrew Andrew Andrew Andro Androwe Androwe Anthonie Anthonie Anthonie Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthonye Anthonye Anthonye Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnolde Arnolde Arnould Arnould Arnoulde Arnovld Arther Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthure Arthure Austen Austen Averie Averie Avery Averye Avsten Awdrie Awsten Awsten Baldwyne Barbara Barnard Barnerd Barnerd Barnerde Barthelmewe Barthilmewe Bartholemew Bartholmew Bartholomew Bartholomewe Bartolomew Bartylmewe Batholomew Batholomewe Beatrice Benet Beniamyne Bennat Bennatt Bennett Bennett Bryan Bryan Bryan Charles Charles Charles Charles Charles Charles Christofer Christofer Christofer Christofer Christofer Christopher Christopher Clement Clement Clemente Crystofer Crystopher Cutbert Daniell Daniell' Danyell Danyell David Davy Davyd Davye Davye Davye Denis Derick Edmond Edmond Edmond Edmond Edmonde Edmonde Edmund Edmund Edmunde Edmunde Edmunde Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edwarde Edwarde Edwarde Edwarde Edwyne Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Ellis Ellisander Ellys Ellysander Elyzabethe Erasmus Erasmus Even Ewstace Ewstace Folantyne Fookes Fortune Frances Fraunces Fraunces Fraunces Fraunces Fraunces Frauncis Fredericke Frederycke Geffary Gefferey Gefferie Geffery Georg Georg George George George George George George George Gilberd Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Gilberte Gilberte Gilberte Giles Giles Gortryde Gregorie Gregorie Gregorie Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregorye Grigore Grogorie Gylbert Gylberte Gyles Gyles Gyles Harie Harrie Harrie Harry Harry Henrici Henrie Henrie Henrie Henrie Henrie Henry Henry Henry Henry Henrye Henrye Herie Heughe Hew Hewe Hewe Howell Hughe Hughe Hughe Hughe Humffrey Humffrye Humfrey Humfrey Humfrie Humfry Humfry Humfrye Humpfrey Iacob Iames Iames Iames Iames Iames Iames Iasper Iasper Iasper Iasper Ieames Iefferie Ieffery Ieffery Iefferye Ieoffery Ieoffrye Ieremie Ieremy Ieremye Ierome Iesper Iesper Ihon Iohn Iohn Iohn Iohn Iohn Iohn Iohn Iohn Baptest Iosephe Iosua Isacke Iulyan Jeffrye John Josephe Katherine Katherne Larrance Laurance Laurance Laurence Laurence Laurens Lavrence Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence Leonard Leonard Leonarde Leonerd Leonerd Leonerd Leonerd Leonerde Lewes Lewis Lewis Luke Luke Margarett Marke Markes Martyn Martyne Mathew Mathew Mathew Mathew Mathewe Mathewe Mathewe Mavrice Michaell Michaell' Michell Michell Miles Miles Morgan Morgan Morgyn Morryce Moyses Mycha'll Mychael Mychaell Myells Myghell Myles Myles Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Nicholaus Nicholus Nicolas Nowell Nycholas Nycholas Nycolas Oliuer Oliver Oliver Oliver Olyuer Olyve Olyver Olyver Osmond Oswald Owen Owin Owine Pavle Pawle Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Philipp Phillip Phillip Phillip Phyllyp Raff Raffe Raffe Ralfe Ralphe Ralphe Raphe Raphe Raphe Rauf Reignald Renolde Reynold Reynold Reynold Reynolde Reynovld Richard Richard Richard Richard Richard Richard Richarde Richarde Richarde Richarde Robart Roberd Robert Robert Robert Robert Roberte Roberte Roberte Roberte Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger Rowland Rowland Rowlande Rowlande Rowlande Rychard Rychard Rychard Rychard Rychard Rycharde Rycherd Salamon Salamun Salomon Sampson Samuell Samuell Samvell Saunder Saunder Savnder Sillvester Silvester Stephen Stephen Stephen Steven Steven Steven Steven Steven Syluester Symon Symon Symon Symon Symond Symond Theophilus Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thommas Toby Tymothie Tymothie Tymothy Tymothye Valentine Valentyne Vmffry Vyncent Walter Walter Walter Walter Wasselyn William William William William William William William Wylliam Wylliam Wylliam Wyllyam dauye ewstace hary harye henry henrye myles persefoll wylliam wyllyam