Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Wolfgang m. Old High German wolf, Gothic wulf 'wolf' + Old High German gang 'path, course, way, journey'.

The name of a 10th C saint.

Cf. Gangwolf for the same elements in reverse order.

1502 Wolfgangus (nom) ChronSH p. 21; 1567 Wolfgangus (nom) ibid. p. 22
Early New High German
1439 Wolfgangen (dat) ChronSH p. 33; 1502 Wolfgang (nom) ibid. p. 11; 1505 Wolfgang (nom) ibid. p. 10; 1507 Wolfgang (nom) ibid. p. 8; 1539 Wolfgang (nom) ibid. p. 8; 1596 Wolfgang (nom) ibid. p. 13
Middle French
1548 Wolffgang MHCG2 316
Early New High German
1429 Wolfgangs (gen) mairhofer DCCXXXII; 1497 Wolffgang (nom) Nurn1497 176, Wolffganng (nom) ibid. 183, Wolfgang (nom) ibid. 61, Wolfganng (nom) ibid. 804; 1554 Wolffgang (nom) MHCG2 333; 1555 Wolffgang (nom) ibid. 335
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