Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Volkmar m. Old High German folk 'people, nation, tribe, race' + Old High German, Old Saxon māri from Proto-Germanic *mērijaz 'famous'.

c1100 Uolchmar (nom) UrkStyria 89
Middle High German
1335 Volchmarn (dat) ChronSH p. 6
Czech Republic
1349 Wolchmaro (dat) chlumecky 84; 1356 Wolkmarus (nom) ibid. 192, p. 29
822x875 Folcmarus (nom) TradCorb §177, Volcmar (nom) ibid. §222, Volcmaro (abl) ibid. §2, Volcmarus (nom) ibid. §38; 1142 Volkmar (nom) mairhofer I; 1180 Folmarus (nom) quix-vol1 34; 1234 Volcmarus (nom) hennes-vol1 89; 1259 Volcmarus (nom) CDL-1.1.1 XXXI; 1302 Volcmarus (nom) BremUrk2 no. 16
Early New High German
1420 Volmar (nom) UrkRott-1 855; 1497 Volckamar Nurn1497 413
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