Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Thaddeus m. Aramaic תדי '(courageous) heart'.

The name of one of the twelve Apostles. Wycliffite Bible (1395): Tadee.

In Ireland, the name was sometimes used to render Irish Tadhgh (cf. Teague).

Early Modern English
1539/40 Thady Fiants-1 99
1243 Tadeum (acc) hennes-vol1 110; 1265x1339 Tadei (gen) BBC-Berg 1224, Tadey (gen) ibid. 1164; 1285 Tadei (gen) Perugia1285 p. 156; 1366 Taddei (gen) Livi 63, Taddeo (abl) ibid. 80, Taddeus (nom) ibid. 111; 1369 Taddei (gen) ibid. 241; 1370 Taddei (gen) ibid. 23; 1478 Taddeo (abl) RCCaetani6 2720, Tadeus (nom) ibid. 2720; 1490 Tadey (gen) VitAs2 I; 1514 Thadeus (nom) SSPI p. 274
1429–1430 Tadeo DiaryLMA p. 269; 1513x1521 Thadeo LeoX p. 14
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