Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Sylvius m. A derivative of Latin silva 'woodland, forest'.

The name of a number of mythological Roman kings of Alba Longa and a 4th C French saint.

952x993 Silvionis (gen) St-Barnard-Romans 132; 1000x1030 Silvii (gen) ibid. no. 143; 11thC Silvii (gen) ibid. 135, Silvius (nom) ibid. 135; 1030 Silvius (nom) StVdM-II 713; 1052 Silvii (gen) St-Barnard-Romans no. 85; 1082x87 Silvionis (gen) ibid. no. 120; 1082x1087 Silvius (nom) ibid. no. 121
1490 Silvius (nom) VitAs2 II
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