Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Sigwin m. Old High German sigu 'victory' + Old High German wini 'friend'.

The name of two 9th C dukes of Gascony.

Middle Low German
1398 Zeghewyn BbRT p. 342
c823 Sigoinus (nom) irminon-vol2 5, Palatiolum; 848 Siguino (abl) CartNoaille III; 1047x1061 Seguinus (nom) CartNDSaintes XX; 1067 Seguinus (nom) ibid. XII; 1123 Siguinus (nom) CartYonne1 CXXXVI; 1147 Seguino (abl) clairvaux-12thc 14, Siguinus (nom) ibid. 16; 1163–64 Seguini (gen) ibid. 110, Seguinus (nom) ibid. 110; 1164 Seguini (gen) ibid. 121, Seguinus (nom) ibid. 121; 1179 Seguyni (gen) ibid. 176; 1310/11 Seguinus (nom) GasReg-A p. 100; 1310–11 Seguinus (nom) ibid. p. 236; 1378 Seguinus (nom) hanquetvol1 688
Old French
1313 Sequin Paris1313 p. 156
Middle French
1392 Seguin MemBret-II col. 606
1216 Siguwinus (nom) UrkMeck1 no. IV, Sigwinus (nom) ibid. no. V; 1256 Seghuinus (nom) ibid. no. XLIX
1216 Siguinus (nom) UrkMeck1 no. VI; 1282 Sygguwinus (nom) ibid. no. LXXVII
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