Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Sabine f. Latin Sabini from Ancient Greek Σαβῖνοι, the exonymic name of an Italic tribe from the central Apennines, which also gave rise to a Latin cognomen Sabinus.

The cognomen of a 1st C AD Roman empress and a 2nd C Roman empress, and the name of a 2nd C Roman saint and a 4th C Roman saint.

The English diminutive Sab and the vernacular form Sabyn are witnessed in 1379 in the relational bynames Sabsoñ (WRYPT1 p. 305) and Sabynsoñ (WRYPT1 p. 153).

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Early Modern English
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1265x1339 Savina (nom) BBC-Berg 1657; 1527 Savina (nom) Rome1527 p. 90
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