Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Roderick m. Old Saxon hrōth, Old High German hruod 'fame' + Old High German rih 'ruler'.

The name of an 8th C Visigothic king of Spain, a 9th C Spanish saint, and the birthname of the 11th C hero El Cid.

1281 Rorico (abl) hennes-vol1 277
1282 Rodericum (acc) DSS5-1-4 II; 1485 Rodericus (nom) MHCG2 246; 1527 Rodericus (nom) Rome1527 p. 84
1096 Roderiguis (gen) PHGCRP-I no. 1; 1162 Roderici (gen) ibid. no. 7, Rodericus (nom) ibid. no. 7; 1190 Roderici (gen) ibid. no. 8, Rodericus (nom) ibid. no. 8; 1209 Roderico (dat) ibid. no. 10; 1211 Roderici (gen) ibid. no. 6, Rodericus (nom) ibid. no. 6; 1214 Rodericii (gen) ibid. no. 20, Rodericus (nom) ibid. no. 20; 1269 Roderici (gen) ibid. no. 11, Roderico (dat) ibid. no. 11
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1510 Rodrigo valencia1510 3210
Old Spanish
1068 Roderico (nom) CDSS I, Rodriz (gen) ibid. I
1540 Rodrigo SanzSerrano; 1575 Rodrigo Catalogo-5.2 3798; 1576 Rodrigo ibid. 3876
Old Swedish
1352 Rørich (nom) SDHK no. 6314; 1419 Røriker (nom) ibid. no. 19230
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