Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Procopius m. Latin Procopius, the name of a Roman gens, derived from Ancient Greek προκοπή 'progress (on a journey); advance'.

The name of a 4th C saint, a 4th C Roman usurper, an 11th C Czech saint, and a 14th C Russian saint.

Czech Republic
1372 Procopius (nom) LDFPUP1 p. 28; 1388 Procopius (nom) ibid. p. 14
Middle High German
1365 Procopius (nom) Rössler1 58; 1370 Procop (nom) ibid. 62; 1373 Procop (nom) ibid. 102
1271 Procopius (nom) CDT1 XXI
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