Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Ottokar m. Old High German ōt, Old Saxon ōd 'wealth, riches' + a derivative of Old High German wach 'watchful, vigilant'.

The name of a 5th C Gothic king of Italy, a 12th and 13th C king of Bohemia, and a 13th C king of Bohemia.

928 Otachar (nom) UrkStyria 18; 931 Otker (nom) ibid. 20; 935 Otker (nom) ibid. 21; 1074x1087 Otakari (gen) ibid. 77, Otaker (dat) ibid. 77; c1120 Otacher (nom) ibid. 105; 1268 Otakari (gen) hennes-vol1 197
904 Otacharii (gen) UrkStyria 13; 925 Otachar (nom) ibid. 14; 1056 Otacharii (gen) ibid. 62; 1059 Otacheres (gen) ibid. 66; 1142 Otaker (nom) mairhofer I; 1144 Otacher (nom) ibid. XV; 1145 Otacher (nom) ibid. XIX; 1213 Ottakarus (nom) hennes-vol1 14; 1219 Odacrius (nom) ibid. 39; 1260 Otacharus (nom) ibid. 187
770 Oatachar (nom) FRA-XXXL 2
The Netherlands
855 Odaccar (nom) OrkGZ no. 45
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