Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Oswald m. Old English, Old Saxon ōs 'god' + Old English weald, Old Saxon wald 'power'.

The name of a 7th C king of Northumbria and saint.

1581 Ossualld KD-1 no. 362, Ossualldt ibid. no. 362
966 Oswaldus (nom) CDAS DXXVIII, Oswold (nom) ibid. DXXIX; 967 Osuualdus (nom) ibid. DXXXVI, Oswaldo (abl) ibid. DXXXVI; 1570/1 Osswoldi (gen) RegPat p. 31
Old English
966 Oswald (nom) CDAS DXXX, Oswaldes (gen) ibid. DXXX
Early Modern English
1564 Oswald Bar-in-El p. 10; 1569 Oswolde OrpingtonKe p. 3; 1571 Oswald SaxhamSf p. 56; 1583/4 Oswald SurMus p. 122; 1593 Osswolde RegPat p. 39
Early New High German
1401 Oswald (nom) mairhofer DCLXIX; 1402 Oswalden (dat) ibid. DCLXX; 1411 Oswalt (nom) ibid. DCXCIV, Oswalten (gen) ibid. DCXCIV; 1419 Oswald (nom) ibid. DCCXI, Oswaldt (nom) ibid. DCCXII; 1420 Oswald (nom) ibid. DCCXV; 1429 Oswald (nom) ibid. DCCXXXIII; 1497 Osßwald Nurn1497 276, Oßwald ibid. 2181, Oßwalt ibid. 1529
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