Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Odile f. Old High German uodal 'heritage, homestead'.

Then name of a 4th C saint and a 7th-8th C saint.

1574 Ottilia AuFr Demetrij
c823 Odila (nom) irminon-vol2 38, Wan; 1138x1162 Odolia (nom) clairvaux-12thc 61; 1179 Oelina (abl) ibid. 181; 1188 Odila (nom) CartNDdOurscamp XCIV
c823 Odelina (nom) irminon-vol2 94, Ved; 1079x1101 Odelina (abl) CartStPC IX, Odelinam (acc) ibid. IX, Odeline (gen) ibid. IX; 1101x1129 Odelina (dat) ibid. XXXII; 1115x1149 Odeline (gen) ibid. X; 1138x1162 Udelina (nom) clairvaux-12thc 85; 1143 Odelinæ (gen) HAP p. 373; 1147 Odelina (abl) clairvaux-12thc 19; 1163–64 Odelina (abl) ibid. 106; 1164 Odelina (abl) ibid. 120; 1171 Udelina (nom) ibid. 142; 1179 Odelina (abl) ibid. 178, Odoleta (obl) ibid. 178, Udeleta (abl) ibid. 181; 1204 Odelinam (acc) NDParisII 2-LXXXVI; 1214 Odelina (nom) CartNDdOurscamp LXXIV, Odelinam (acc) ibid. LXXIV; 1225 Odelina (nom) NDParisII 2-LXXXIX, Odelinam (acc) ibid. 2-LXXXIX; 1241 Odeline (gen) ibid. 2-CXII; 1268 Odelina (nom) ibid. 2-V, Odeline (gen) ibid. 2-V; 1269 Odelina (nom) ibid. 2-III, Odeline (gen) ibid. 2-III; 1270 Odelina (nom) ibid. 2-XLI, Odelota (nom) ibid. 2-XLI; 1292 Odelina (nom) MemBret-I 1104; 1301 Odeline (gen) MemPic-vol17 p. 210
1297 Odilia (nom) hennes-vol1 333; 1301 Odylie (gen) BremUrk2 no. 9
Early New High German
1497 Ottilg Nurn1497 2055
889 Odulina (nom) CDCB-XV MMXVII
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