Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Norman m. Anglo-Norman Norman(d/t), Normon, Old French Normant, Old English Norman(n) 'Norman, man from Normandy', from Old High German Northman, Nordman 'man from the north, Scandinavian'. The French term was used to describe the Scandinavian settlers in Normandy.

1189 Norman (nom) GASurv p. 172, Normannus (nom) ibid. p. 89; 1222 normanni (gen) StPaulDom p. 74; 1279–80 Normanus (nom) WaHR-SK p. 60; 1296 Normanni (gen) RCS-1 p. 93b, Normannus (nom) ibid. p. 93a
Middle English
1439 Norman EEW p. 118
c823 Nortmannus (nom) irminon-vol2 22, CE; 1141 Normannus (nom) CartNDdOurscamp CXXXI; c1175–1180 Normand' (gen) ChartCaen2 p. 70, Normanni (gen) ibid. p. 65
Old French
1295 Norman (nom) HistHdVParis p. 129
1297 Normandus (nom) MHCG2 456
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