Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Malcolm m. Old Irish máel 'bald, tonsured' + Old Irish Coluimb 'of Columb', a personal name.

The name of a 10th C king of Scotland, two 11th C kings of Scotland, and a 12th C king of Scotland.

1011 Malcolmus (nom) ESC IV; 1070x1093 Malcolmus (nom) ibid. VIII; 1093x1107 Malcolmi (gen) ibid. XIV; 1094 Malcolumb (nom) ibid. XII; 1095 Malcolmi (gen) ibid. XV; 1095x1100 Malcolmi (gen) ibid. XVI, Malcolmus (nom) ibid. XVI; 1097x1107 Malcolmi (gen) ibid. XXIII; c1120 Malcolmi (gen) ibid. XXXV; 1174x99 Malcolmo (abl) CartLevenax p. 12; a1177 Malcolmo (abl) CartNBer 3; 1214–1226 Malcolmo (abl) morton-vol1 2, Malcolmus (nom) ibid. 1; 1238 Malcolmo (abl) CartLevenax p. 13; 1272x1360 Malcolmi (gen) CartStAndrew p. 3, Malcolmo (dat) ibid. p. 3; 1309 Malcolmo (abl) ibid. p. 2; 1376 Malcolmo (dat) morton-vol1 16; 1383 Malcolmo (abl) CartLevenax p. 4; 1386 Malcolmo (dat) ibid. p. 9; 1424 Malcolmo (abl) RMSRS-2 11
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