Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Lydia f. Ancient Greek Λυδία, the name of an Iron Age kingdom in Asia Minor.

The name of a New Testament character later honored as a saint. Wycliffite Bible (1395): Lidda.

1579 Lidia AuFr Jansen; 1585 Lijdia ibid. Puljt; 1588 Lidia ibid. Putte; 1589 Lydia ibid. Damme; 1591 Lidia ibid. Schollier; 1592 Lydia ibid. Drincs; 1593 Lidia ibid. Coppens; 1594 Lidia ibid. Schollier; 1595 Lidia ibid. Gheest; 1598 Lidia ibid. Wagener
Middle French
1570 lidie WCS p. 40
1590 Lidie RWC p. 13; 1591 Lidie ibid. p. 18
Middle French
1572 Lidie RegPCC-1 p. 514
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