Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Lefwin m. Old English lēof, Old High German liob 'dear, loved' or Gothic laiba, Old High German leitha, Old Norse leif 'relic, souvenir; inheritor' + Old English wine, Old High German wini 'friend'.

966 Lefwinus (nom) CDAS DXXVIII, Leofwine (nom) ibid. DXXIX; 967 Leofwine (nom) ibid. DXXXXIII; 994 Leofwyne (nom) ibid. DCLXXXVI; 1181 Lefwinus (nom) StPaulDom p. 115; 1183 Lefwyny (gen) BoldonBuke p. 2; 1185x1186 Lefwinus (nom) PR-XXXVI p. 192; 1194 Lefwinus (nom) RotCur-vol1 p. 8; 1222 lefwini (gen) StPaulDom p. 14
Old French
1313 Levuin Paris1313 p. 167
The Netherlands
c765 Lebuinus (nom) OrkGZ no. 8, Liafwinus (nom) ibid. no. 8
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