Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Laura f. Withycombe s.n. Laura comments that the name is etymology of this name is obscure; it is likely related to Laurence, perhaps as a pet form of the feminine Laurencia. Because this identification is uncertain, Laura is generally treated as a distinct name.

The name of a 9th C Spanish saint and a 15th C Greek saint.

The name occurs in 14th C poetry as the name of the love of Petrarch, which contributed to its popularity in Renaissance Italy. Lowri and Lowry are distinctively Welsh forms.

1340xc1450 Lorra (nom) CovGuild-1 p. 62; 1377 Lora (nom) FenPT-2 p. 5; 1381 Lora (nom) Suffolk1381 p. 111; 1427 Loræ (gen) WillsInv LII
Middle English
1427 Lore WillsInv LII
Early Modern English
1560 Lowrye RegSASel p. 6; 1592 Loar COmar-vol2 p. 102
1301 Lorete (gen) MemPic-vol17 p. 200
1522x1532 Laura (nom) DSF p. 51, 20; 1527 Laura (nom) Rome1527 p. 83
1522x1532 Laurecta (nom) DSF p. 58, 35
1513x1521 Laura LeoX p. 29
1510 Loreta valencia1510 4227
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