Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Lanfranc m. Old High German lant, Old Saxon land 'land' + Latin Francus, Old High German Franko, French Franc 'a Frank, a Frenchman', later 'free man'.

1480 Laffranco (abl) MHCG2 245
1163 Lanfranco (dat) Livi p. 39; 1164 Lanfranchi (gen) ibid. p. 39, Lanfrancus (nom) ibid. p. 39; 1265x1339 Lanfranci (gen) BBC-Berg 98, Lanfrançii (gen) ibid. 178; 1310 Lafrancho (dat) MonRav-2 CCCL, Lafrancus (nom) ibid. CCCL, Lanfranchus (nom) ibid. CCCL; 1326 Lanfranco (abl) Friuli-14thC no. 442; 1376 Lamffrancho (abl) DouGen1 p. 16, Lanffrancho (abl) ibid. p. 48, Lanfrancho (abl) ibid. p. 16
1198 Lanfranchinus (nom) ChStBo1 V; 1265x1339 Lanfranchinoy (gen) BBC-Berg 651; 1310 Lafranchinus (nom) MonRav-2 CCCL
1070x1089 Lanfrancus (nom) ESC IX; 1115 Lanfrancus (nom) ibid. XXVIII
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