Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Knut m. Old Norse knútr 'knot'.

The name of a legendary 9th C king of Denmark, an 11th C king of the North Sea Empire, an 11th C king of Denmark and England, an 11th C king of Denmark and saint, a 12th C king of Denmark, a 12th C king of Sweden, a 13th C king of Sweden, and a 13th C king of Denmark.

1362 Kanutus (nom) MIRGPCM4 XVI-V, Knuts (gen) ibid. XVI-V
Middle Danish
1496 Knud KD-1 no. 185
1581 Knud KD-1 no. 362, Knudt ibid. no. 362
Old Swedish
1419 Knut (nom) SDHK no. 19326
Early Modern Swedish
1583 Knutt (nom) Hiiumaa p. 167; 1587 Knudt (nom) ibid. p. 167
Early Modern Swedish
1548 Knudts (gen) Audén1980 p. 168
1180 Canuto (abl) RotScaNor p. 12
The Netherlands
834 Knut (nom) OrkGZ no. 30
c1100 Cnut (abl) ESC XX
1300 kanuto (abl) SDHK no. 1873; 1340 kanutus (nom) ibid. 4551; 1350 Kanuti (gen) ibid., Kanuto (abl) ibid. no. 6007, Kanutus (nom) ibid. no. 6000, Knuts (gen) ibid. no. 6060, Knuz (gen) ibid. no. 6024; 1411 Kanutum (acc) ibid. no. 17654
Old Swedish
1377 Knut (nom) SDHK no. 11085, Knutz (gen) ibid. no. 11085; 1383 Knvt (gen) SRA-vol2 no. 1941, Knwt ibid. no. 1938; 1402 Knvth (nom) SDHK no. 15897, Knwth (nom) ibid. no. 15897; 1405 Knut (nom) ibid. no. 16468; 1409 Knut (nom) ibid. no. 17341, Knuth (nom) ibid. no. 17263, Knwt (nom) ibid. no. 17265; 1411 Knut (nom) ibid. no. 17663; 1414 Knuter (nom) ibid. no. 18236; 1415 Knwt (nom) ibid. no. 18466; 1417 Knutz (gen) ibid. no. 18863; 1419 Knwte (dat) ibid. no. 19242; 1420 Knutzs (gen) ibid. no. 19470; 1516 Knut (nom) HGS p. 153; 1517 Knwt (nom) ibid. p. 154; 1518 Knwt (nom) ibid. p. 154
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