Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Ingvald m. Old Norse ing(i), of uncertain origin but perhaps identical with the god name Ing or Yngvi, also of uncertain origin + Old Norse valdr 'power'.

1350 Ingeualdi (gen) SDHK no. 6022, Ingiualdo (dat) ibid. no. 6002, Ingiualdz (gen) ibid. no. 6010
Old Swedish
1379 Ingewald (nom) SDHK no. 11470, Ingewalde (dat) ibid. no. 11470, Ingewalder (nom) ibid. no. 11470; 1383 Ingeuald SRA-vol2 no. 1903, Ingeualder (nom) ibid. no. 1897, Ingeualdir ibid. no. 1911, Ingewaldi (gen) ibid. no. 1932, Ingewalz (gen) ibid. no. 1916; 1407 Ingeuald (gen) SDHK no. 16880, Ingewald (nom) ibid. no. 16880; 1409 Ingeualder (nom) ibid. no. 17273
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