Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Hedwig f. Old High German hadu 'battle' + Old Saxon, Old English wig, Old High German wīc 'war, battle'.

The name of a 13th C Silesian saint and a 14th C Polish saint who was also queen of Poland.

The name was primarily used in Germany and Eastern Europe, though a few early examples in France can be found.

Czech Republic
1349 Hedwika (nom) chlumecky 47; 1350 Hedwigi (dat) ibid. 175; 1351 Hedwyca (nom) ibid. 28; 1353 Heduigy (dat) ibid. 46, p. 23; 1356 Hedwice (dat) ibid. 136
1355 Hetwycze (dat) chlumecky 65
1287 Hedewig (abl) hennes-vol1 308, Hedewigi (dat) ibid. 306, Hedewigus (abl) ibid. 306
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