Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Haldor m. Old Norse hallr 'rock, stone' + Old Norse Þórr, the name of the god of thunder, deriving from Proto-Germanic *þunraz 'thunder'.

Found in Scandinavia, and in areas of Scandinavian influence such as the Danelaw. In Finland and Estonia from the 1500s, the variant form Hallor was used.

Middle Low German
1592 Halli Tiik1977 p. 286, Hallo ibid. p. 286
Early Modern Swedish
1592 Hallust Tiik1977 p. 286
Middle Icelandic
1504 Halldor (nom) DipIs-7 655, Halldorz (gen) ibid. 655
1350 Haldorus (nom) SDHK no. 6054
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