Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Guinevere f. Proto-Celtic *windo 'white' + Proto-Celtic *sēbro 'demon, spectre'.

The name of the beloved of Arthur in the Arthurian legends which were extremely popular in many forms in the Middle Ages.

1340xc1450 Guenhowar (nom) CovGuild-1 p. 6
Early Modern English
1559 Gwenhwyvar RegSASel p. 5; 1560 Gwenhwyvar ibid. p. 5
Middle French
1569 Jenneuiere WCS p. 40
1369 Ginevra (abl) Livi 244; 1522x1532 Genefra (nom) DSF p. 51, 24; 1527 Ginevra (nom) Rome1527 p. 86
1560 Gwenhoyver RegCon1 p. 19; 1582 Gainor ibid. p. 37, Gaynor ibid. p. 36; 1590 Gainor ibid. p. 59; 1595 Gainor ibid. p. 73
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