Dictionary of Medieval Names
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Emery m. The name Emery has a variety of distinct origins, which from an early date cannot be separated from each other. It can be Proto-Germanc *amal 'vigor, bravery', Old High German heim, Old Frankish *haim 'home', or Old High German ermen, Old Saxon irmin 'great, strong' + Old High German rih 'ruler'.

The name of a 6th C king of the Visigoths, a 6th C king of Galicia, a 12th C king of Jerusalem, and a 12th-13th C king of Jerusalem.

Almaurry and the like represent metasthetized forms. Variants in Haim- are either derivatives of this name with an excrescent h or contain the prototheme Old High German heim, Old Frankish *haim 'home'. In France, the popularity of the name was strengthened by its appearance as the name of a legendary hero in the chansons de geste and the Matter of France.

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