Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Eleazar m. Hebrew אֶלְעָזָר 'God has helped'.

The name of a number of Biblical characters, one of the Maccabean martyrs, a 4th C martyr, a 5th C French saint, a 5th C Italian saint, a 9th C Byzantine saint, a 14th C Serbian prince, and a 15th C Serbian prince. Wycliffite Bible (1395): Eleazar, Lazarus.

Lazarus is the Latinized form. Most commonly, Eleazar is used to refer to the Old Testament figures, while Lazarus refers to the New Testament figure.

1572 Lazarus AuFr Sager; 1585 Eleazar ibid. Berntsz; 1591 Eleasar ibid. Pont; 1592 Eleasar ibid. Pont; 1594 Eleasar ibid. Pont, Eleazar ibid. Pont; 1597 Eleasar ibid. Pont; 1599 Eleasar ibid. Pont
Early Modern English
1597 Eleasor StAnthonlin p. 38
c1120 Eleazar (nom) CartNoyers CDXXXVI; 1124 Eleazar (nom) CartNDJosaphat XIII
Middle French
1563 Eléazar RegPCC-1 p. 30; 1565 Eléazar ibid. p. 113; 1566 Eleazar ibid. p. 205, Eléazar ibid. p. 224; 1567 Eléazar ibid. p. 294; 1568 Eléazar ibid. p. 363; 1571 Eléazar ibid. p. 448
1113 Eleazar (gen) CartNDJosaphat III; 1265x1339 Lazari (gen) BBC-Berg 1459, Laçari (gen) ibid. 442; 1376 Lazaro (abl) DouGen1 p. 115; 1464 Lazarus (nom) CUP-III-I CCXXXI; 1527 Lazari (gen) Rome1527 p. 88
1376 Lazarini (gen) DouGen1 p. 238, Lazarino (abl) ibid. p. 17; 1464 Lazarinus (nom) CUP-III-I CCXXXI
1513x1521 Lazaro LeoX p. 17, Lazzaro ibid. p. 14
1292 Lazar (nom) RigSB 151
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