Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Cormac m. Old Irish corbb, of uncertain origin, + Old Irish mac 'son'. OCM s.n. Corbb hypothesize that corbb is related to Old Irish corbbaid 'defiles', while others connect it with Latin corvus 'crow'.

The name of a mythological early Irish king and a 12th C king of Munster.

Early Modern English
1581 Cormake RegBeb p. 22
1436 Cormacum (acc) RegOct 69; 1460 Cormaci (gen) ibid. 24, Cormaco (dat) ibid. 25, Cormacus (nom) ibid. 25; 1482 Cormacum (acc) ibid. 415
Early Modern English
1591 Cormock IORCHAR-II p. xxv, Cormocke ibid. p. xxv
1093x1107 Cormac (gen) ESC XIV; c1120 Cormacus (nom) ibid. XXXVI; 1124 Cormaco (abl) ibid. XLIX
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