Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Casimir m. Proto-Slavic *kaziti, meaning uncertain, + Slavic měr 'prestige, fame'.

The name of an 11th C king of Poland, a 12th C king of Poland, a 14th C king of Poland, a 15th C king of Poland, and a 15th C Polish saint.

1173 Kazimaro (abl) UrkMeck1 no. I, Kazimarus (nom) ibid. no. I; 1174 Kazimarus (nom) ibid. no. III; 1216 Kazimarus (nom) ibid. no. IV; 1219 Kazimari (gen) ibid. no. VII, Kazimarus (nom) ibid. no. VII; 1226x1227 Kazimaro (abl) ibid. no. XI; 1228 Cazimeri (gen) ibid. no. XIV, Kazemari (gen) ibid. no. XV; 1230 Casimiro (abl) hennes-vol1 p. 89; 1238 Kazimaro (abl) UrkMeck1 no. XXII; 1241 Kazimaro (abl) ibid. no. XXIX; 1265 Kazimari (gen) ibid. no. LIX; 1266 Kazimari (gen) ibid. no. LXI; c1280 Cazimaro (abl) ibid. no. LXXIV; 1283 Kazimari (gen) ibid. no. LXXX
1229 Kasimiri (gen) CDT1 IX
1153 Casimirum (acc) CDP3 IV; 1216 Kazimari (gen) UrkMeck1 no. VI; 1242 Casimiri (gen) CDT1 XV; 1268 Casimiro (abl) ibid. XX; 1447 Kazimirum (acc) CDP2-2 CCXCIX, Kazimirus (nom) ibid. CCXCIX; 1459 Kazimirus (nom) ibid. CCCCXIII; 1461 Cazimirus (nom) ibid. CCCCXVI, Kazimiri (gen) ibid. CCCCXV; 1466 Kazimirus (nom) ibid. CCCCXIX
1469 Kazimiro (abl) AGZ-18 37
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