Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Boso m. A hypocoristic of any of various names beginning with Old High German bosi 'evil'.

The name of a 9th C king of Lower Burgundy and Provence.

658 Boso (nom) DCEL-2 CCCXXXIII; 711 Boso (nom) CartYonne1 IX; c823 Boso (nom) irminon-vol2 50, CE; 937x993 Bosoni (gen) St-Barnard-Romans no. 80; 941x986 Bosoni (abl) ibid. no. 92; 952x997 Boso (nom) ibid. no. 79; 978? Bosonis (gen) ibid. 141; c1035 Boso (nom) StVdM-II 718; c1040 Boso (nom) ibid. 723; 1060x1064 Boso (nom) ibid. 709; 1065x1079 Boso (nom) ibid. 663; 1070 Boso (abl) ibid. 740; 1079x1081 Boso (nom) CartNDSaintes XXI, Bosone (abl) ibid. XXI; 1082x1087 Bosoni (gen) St-Barnard-Romans no. 120; 1131 Bosone (abl) CartNDSaintes XXII, Bosoni (gen) ibid. XXII; 1135 Boso (nom) clairvaux-12thc 7; 1143x1146 Boso (nom) ibid. 12; 1147 Boso (nom) ibid. 19; 1147x1162 Boso (nom) ibid. 50; 1157 Bosone (abl) ibid. 32; 1163 Boso (nom) ibid. 94, Bosonis (gen) ibid. 99; 1165 Boso (nom) ibid. 126; 1167 Boso (nom) CartNDSaintes X; 1174 Boso (nom) clairvaux-12thc 159, Bosonem (acc) ibid. 159, Bosonis (gen) ibid. 159; 1179 Boso (nom) ibid. 177, Bosone (abl) ibid. 176; 1180 Boso (nom) RotScaNor p. 35; 1378 Bosoni (dat) hanquetvol1 no. 10
1032x1064 Boselinus (nom) LDS LV
822x875 Bozo (nom) TradCorb §108; 963x1023 Boso (nom) ibid. §226
1113 Boso (nom) CartNDJosaphat II; 1169 Boso (nom) clairvaux-12thc 135
1265x1339 Boselli (gen) BBC-Berg 664
The Netherlands
834 Boso (nom) OrkGZ no. 30; 855 Boso (nom) ibid. no. 45
1137 Boso (nom) CartHaut 2; 1235 Boso (nom) CLC p. 46, Bosonem (acc) ibid. p. 45
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