Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Boleslav m. Slavic bole 'large; more' + Slavic sława, slava 'glory, fame'.

The name of two 10th and an 11th C king of Bohemia, two 11th C kings of Poland, and a 12th C king of Sweden.

Czech Republic
1351 Bolconi (dat) chlumecky 41, Polco (nom) ibid. 41; 1353 Bolech (nom) ibid. 44, p. 23; 1356 Bolicone (abl) ibid. 138; 1358 Bolkoni (dat) ibid. 428, p. 38
1230 Boleslao (abl) hennes-vol1 p. 89
1229 Boleslao (abl) CDT1 XI
1105 Boleslao (dat) CDT1 I; 1125 Bolezlai (gen) CDP3 III, Bolezlao (abl) ibid. III, Bolezlaus (nom) ibid. III; 1153 Boleslai (gen) ibid. IV, Boleslaum (acc) ibid. IV, Boleslaus (nom) ibid. IV; 1209 Boleslai (gen) CDT1 II; 1234 Boleslaus (nom) ibid. XIV, bolezlao (abl) ibid. XIV; 1242 Boleslai (gen) ibid. XV; 1258 Bolezlaus ibid. XVII; 1268 Boleslao (abl) ibid. XX; 1271 Boleslaus (nom) ibid. XXI; 1274 Boleslai (gen) ibid. XXII; 1275 Bolezlao (abl) ibid. XXIII, Bolezlaus (nom) ibid. XXIII; 1345 Boleslao (abl) CDEM-7.2 628, Boleslaus (nom) ibid. 628
1345 Bolkone (abl) CDEM-7.2 628
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