Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Aurelius m. Latin Aurelia, the name of a plebeian Roman gens, of uncertain origin. It may be derived from Latin aureus 'golden', as older forms of both Aurelia/Aurelius and aureus are also found spelled with -s- instead of -r.

The name of an important 2nd C Roman emperor and philosopher, the name of a 5th C Romano-British leader who is sometimes identified with King Arthur, a 5th C saint, and a 9th C Spanish martyr.

814 Aurilius (nom) StVdM-II G11
828 Aurelius (nom) FRA-XXXL 13; 1521 Aurelio (abl) VitAs2 VI, Aurelius (nom) ibid. VI; 1527 Aurelij (gen) Rome1527 p. 89
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