Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Ansold m. Old High German *ans, ans-, ansi- 'god, deity' + Old Saxon wald, Old High German walt 'power, authority'.

1101x1120 Ansoldus (nom) CartStPC XXIV; 1101x1129 Ansoldus (nom) ibid. XXII; 1102x1144 Ansoldi (gen) ibid. XLV, Ansoldus (nom) ibid. XLV; 1107 Ansoldi (gen) ibid. XVII, Ansoldus (nom) ibid. XVII; 1115x1149 Ansoldi (gen) ibid. X; a1116 Ansoldus (nom) ibid. XX; 1127 Ansoldi (gen) ibid. XIX, Ansoldo (abl) ibid. XIX; 1154 Ansoldi (gen) CartNDdOurscamp LIV; 1156 Ansoldus (nom) CartYonne1 CCCLXXXIII; 1169 Ansoldus (nom) CartNDdOurscamp LI; 1180 Ansoldi (gen) RotScaNor p. 3; 1201 Ansoldus (nom) CartNDdOurscamp LXI; 1285 Ansoudo (abl) ibid. I; 1292 Ansoldus (nom) MemBret-I 1102; 1300 Ansoldus (nom) CartNDdOurscamp XXXIX
1219 Ansaldus (nom) hennes-vol1 36
1243 Ansaldum (acc) hennes-vol1 110; 1366 Ansaldus (nom) Livi 54; 1376 Amsaldo (abl) DouGen1 p. 121, Amsaldus (nom) ibid. p. 238, Ansaldo (abl) ibid. p. 62; 1464 Ansaldus (nom) CUP-III-I CCXXXI
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