Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Alburg f. Old High German adal 'noble' + Old High German burg 'castle, city, stronghold' or Old English ealh 'temple, sanctuary' + Old English burh 'fortress, castle, stronghold'.

The Old English root appears in the English placename Alpraham (Ches).

c823 Adalburgs (nom) irminon-vol2 4, Palatiolum, Alburgis (nom) ibid. 37, Wan; 1032x1064 Alburge (abl) LDS LV; 1101x1129 Alburge (dat) CartStPC XXXII, Alburgis (nom) ibid. XXXII
1108 Alburgis (nom) quix-vol1 85; 1283 Alburg (nom) UrkMeck1 no. LXXIX
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