Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Adalwald m. Old English æþel, Old High German adal 'noble' + Old English weald, Old Saxon wald, Old High German walt 'power, authority'.

The name of a 7th C king of Deira, a 7th C king of East Anglia, a 7th C Anglo-Saxon saint, an 8th C Anglo-Saxon saint, and a 10th C Anglo-Saxon saint.

Cf. Adalald and Adald.

966 Æðelwoldus (nom) CDAS DXXVIII; 967 Æðeluuold (nom) ibid. DXXXVI, Æðeluuoldi (gen) ibid. DXXXII, Æðeluuoldus (nom) ibid. DXXXII, Æðelwold (nom) ibid. DXXXIII, Æðelwoldus (nom) ibid. DXXXIV; 1155 Elwoldus (nom) FPD p. 121, fn. 1
c823 Adaloldus (nom) irminon-vol2 31, CE
c1120 Adelualdo (abl) ESC XXXVI
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