Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Ada f. A short form of any of various names beginning with Old High German adal 'noble'.

The name of a 7th C saint and a 13th C countess of Holland.

For popular diminutives that quickly became independent names, see Aceline and Adeline.

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c823 Ada (nom) irminon-vol2 29, Ved, Adda (nom) ibid. 5, Palatiolum; 1207 Ada (dat) CartNDdOurscamp CXXIX, Ade (gen) ibid. CXXIX; 1209 Ada (nom) ibid. LII; 1242 Ada (nom) ibid. CLIV; 1260 Ade (gen) ArrestReg-volI XXIII, Ascension; 1301 Ada (abl) MemPic-vol17 p. 257
Old French
1313 Ade Paris1313 p. 54, p. 84
822x875 Adde (abl) TradCorb §185
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