Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources
Joseph Lemuel Chester, editor. The Parish Registers of St. Mary Aldermarry, London, Containing the Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials from 1558 to 1754, volume V of Publications of the Harleian Society: Registers. London, 1880.
Ales Ales Anne Anne Anne Anthonie Auis Avis Barthilmew Bridget Christian Constance Davie Edmond Edward Edward Edwarde Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth George George Grace Helen Helen Helen Henrie Henrie Henrie Henrie Hester Honor Jane Jane Jane Joane John John John John John John Joice Jone Lawrence Margret Margret Margret Margret Margret Peter Peter Raphe Richard Richarde Richarde Richarde Robert Robert Robert Roger Roger Symon Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomasine William William William ffraunces