Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources
Diocese of Hereford, volume XII of Shropshire Parish Registers. Privately Printed for the Shropshire Parish Register Society, 1909.
Agnes Agneta Agnetæ Alicia Alicia Alicia Amea Amia Amiam Amie Anna Anna Anna Anna Anna Annam ELizabetha Eduardi Eduardus Edwardi Elenora Elenora Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabetha Elizabetha Elizabetha Elizabetham Elizabethæ Georgii Georgius Georgius Georgius Gilberti Gregory Hugo Hugo Hugonis Hugonis Humfredi Humfridus Jana Joannam Johanna Johanna Johanna Johanna Johanna Johannam Johannes Johannes Johannes Johannes Johannes Johannis Johannis Katherina Katherina Katherina Katherina Katherina Margareta Margeria Margeria Margeriam Nicolai Nicolaus Oliverus Ricardi Ricardus Ricardus Ricardus Ricardus Richard Robertus Robertus Robertus Rogeri Rogerus Rogerus Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomæ Willelmus Willelmus William Willielmi Willielmus Willielmus Willimi Willimus Willimus Willimus Willimus