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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Reynard m. Proto-Germanic *ragin 'counsel, might' + Old Saxon hard, Old High German hart 'strong, hard'.

The character of Reynard the Fox was an important one in the medieval literary cycles of France, Germany, the Low Countries, and England, thus contributing to the enduring popularity of the name. The name was so closely associated with foxes that the Middle French form ultimately ended up replacing the native word for 'fox' in French.

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Czech Republic
Middle High German
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1584 Reynardt AuFr Neelen
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Old French
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1259 Reineke (nom) CDL-1.1.1 XXXI
Early New High German
1360 Reinhart (nom) UrkHess-3 995
1237 Reinhardo (dat) TirNot1 587
1513x1521 Renardo LeoX p. 26
The Netherlands
793 Reginhardi (gen) OrkGZ no. 14
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1012 Renardus (nom) CDCB-XV MMCLXXI; 1019 Reinardus (nom) ibid. MMCLXXIV; 1020 Rainard (nom) ibid. MMCLXXV
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