Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Donald m. There are two distinct origins for this name. In the isles, the name derives from Proto-Celtic *dumno- 'world' + Proto-Celtic *val 'rule'. On the continent, it is a compound of a prototheme formed from Latin donatus 'given' (cf. Donato) or Latin dominus 'lord' + Old Saxon wald, Old High German walt 'power, authority'.

The name of a 7th C king of Dál Riata, a 7th C high king of Ireland, an 8th C Irish saint, an 8th C high king of Ireland, two 9th C kings of the Picts, and 11th C king of the Scots, and an 11th-12th C high king of Ireland.

This name has historically always been one of the most popular names in Ireland.

Czech Republic
1392 Donaldus (nom) LDFPUP1 p. 17
814 Domnaldus (nom) StVdM-II H1, Donaldus (nom) ibid. F12
c1431x1432 Donaldi (gen) RegOct 102; 1432 Donaldi (gen) ibid. 103; 1433 Donaldi (dat) ibid. 58; 1434 Donaldo (dat) ibid. 67; 1479 Donaldum (acc) ibid. 5; 1491 Donaldus (nom) ibid. 4; 1497 Donaldum (acc) ibid. 38
1093x1097 Douenald (nom) ESC XIII; 1272x1360 Donaldo (abl) CartStAndrew p. 3, Donaldus (nom) ibid. p. 3; 1376 Donaldi (gen) morton-vol1 16, Donaldo (dat) ibid. 16
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