Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Donato m. Latin donatus 'given'.

The name of a 2nd C martyr, a 3rd C martyr, a 4th C Italian saint, four 4th C martyrs, a 6th C French monk, a 7th C French monk, a 9th C Irish monk, a 9th C Dalmatian monk, a 12th C Italian saint, and a 14th-15th C Italian painter, better known by the diminutive form Donatello.

In Ireland, the Latin form Donatus was sometimes used to render Irish Donnchadh (cf. Duncan).

Czech Republic
Middle High German
1365 Donati (gen) Rössler1 58; 1370 Donat (nom) ibid. 62
657 Donato (abl) DCEL-2 CCCXXVIII; 780 Donato (abl) CartNoaille I; 814 Donatus (nom) StVdM-II A3; 1378 Donati (gen) hanquetvol1 1046
1434 Donato (dat) RegOct 121; 1497 Donatum (acc) ibid. 38
1300 Donatus (nom) ActDipVeneto-I-1 p. 49; 1324 Donato (abl) DSF p. 46, 3698; 1366 Donatus (nom) Livi 19; 1391 Donatum (acc) Venditti I-2; 1522x1532 Donatus (nom) DSF p. 52, 29; 1527 Donatus (nom) Rome1527 p. 83
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