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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Venture m. Italian ventura 'fortune'.

This is sometimes used as a pet form of Bonaventure, sometimes as a standalone name.

1198 Ventura (abl) ChStBo1 III; 1265x1339 Venture (gen) BBC-Berg 115; 1276 Venturus (nom) ibid. p. XLII; 1280 Venturus (nom) ibid. p. XLIII; 1282 Ventura (nom) ibid. p. XLVII; 1292 Venture (gen) ibid. p. XLIV; 1527 Venturj (gen) Rome1527 p. 90
1285 Venturelle (gen) Perugia1285 p. 156
1513x1521 Ventura LeoX p. 16
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