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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Bonaventure m. Latin bonaventura 'good luck'.

The name of an important 13th C Franciscan scholar and saint.

Old French
1292 Bone-Aventure 1292paris p. 1
Middle French
1418 Bonne Adventure HGParis p. 380; 1563 Bonaventure RegPCC-1 p. 38; 1565 Bonaventure ibid. p. 173; 1567 Bonnadventure ibid. p. 351
1236 Bonauenture (acc) TirNot1 6; 1237 Bonauentura (nom) ibid. 578; 1265x1339 Bonaventura (abl) BBC-Berg 254, Bonaventure (gen) ibid. 107; 1285 Bonaventure (gen) Perugia1285 p. 154; 1288 Bonaventura (nom) BBC-Berg p. XLIV; 1294 Bonaventura (nom) ibid. p. XLV; 1295 Bonaventura (nom) ibid. p. XLV
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