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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Donato m. Latin donatus 'given'.

The name of a 2nd C martyr, a 3rd C martyr, a 4th C Italian saint, four 4th C martyrs, a 6th C French monk, a 7th C French monk, a 9th C Irish monk, a 9th C Dalmatian monk, a 12th C Italian saint, and a 14th-15th C Italian painter, better known by the diminutive form Donatello.

657 Donato (abl) DCEL-2 CCCXXVIII; 1378 Donati (gen) hanquetvol1 1046
1300 Donatus (nom) ActDipVeneto-I-1 p. 49; 1324 Donato (abl) DSF p. 46, 3698; 1522x1532 Donatus (nom) ibid. p. 52, 29; 1527 Donatus (nom) Rome1527 p. 83
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