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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Herward m. Old English here, Old High German heri 'host, army' + Old English weard, Old High German wart 'guard, ward'.

1212x1213 Herrewardus (nom) OvdFB 2
758 Herewardi (gen) CSM p. 2; 1185x1186 Herewardus (nom) PR-XXXVI p. 4; 1189 Hereward (nom) GASurv p. 77, Herewardi (gen) ibid. p. 158, Herewardus (nom) ibid. p. 106, Huereward (nom) ibid. p. 160, Huerewardi (gen) ibid. p. 160, Huerewardus (nom) ibid. p. 137; 1222 Herewardus (nom) StPaulDom p. 43, hereward (gen) ibid. p. 39, herewardi (gen) ibid. p. 34
c823 Hairoardus (nom) irminon-vol2 36, Palatiolum; 1166 Heroardi (gen) CartNDdOurscamp XC; 1188 Heroardi (gen) ibid. XCIV; 1304 Hervardi (gen) ibid. LXXXVI; 1313 Herouardi (gen) ibid. LXXXVIII
Middle French
1392 Harouart MemBret-II col. 599, Herouart ibid. col. 605
1259 Herewardi (gen) CDL-1.1.1 XXXI; 1322 Harwardus (nom) SMM p. 158
Early New High German
1497 Herwart Nurn1497 408
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