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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Hersent f. Old High German heri 'host, army' + Old Saxon swīth, Gothic swinþs from Proto-Germanic *swinþaz 'strong'.

1222 hersent (gen) StPaulDom p. 100
814 Arsinda (nom) StVdM-II H2; 1079x1081 Arsendi (abl) CartNDSaintes XXI; 1095 Arsendi (dat) ibid. V, Arsendis (nom) ibid. V; 1101x1129 Hersendis (nom) CartStPC XXXII; 1127 Hersendis (gen) ibid. XIX; 1131 Arsendi (abl) CartNDSaintes XXII; 1135 Ersenna (abl) clairvaux-12thc 7; 1138x1162 Hersende (abl) ibid. 56, Hersenz (abl) ibid. 90, Hersinde (abl) ibid. 62; 1147 Ersen (abl) ibid. 18, Ersendis (nom) ibid. 19, Hersende (abl) ibid. 14, Hersendi (abl) ibid. 15, Hersendis (nom) ibid. 15, Hersennis (nom) ibid. 15; a1163 Hersendis (nom) ibid. 96; 1164 Hersendis (nom) ibid. 120, Hersenz (nom) ibid. 120; 1179 Ersendi (abl) ibid. 181, Hersendi (abl) ibid. 177, Hersendis (nom) ibid. 177; 1268 Hersendi (gen) NDParisII 1-VIII, Hersendis (nom) ibid. 1-VIII
Old French
1296 Hersent paris1296 p. 61; 1303 Hersen (obl) ArchReimsII1 XL, Hersens (nom) ibid. XL
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